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Bustle Music, the fair music listening platform that contributes to intercultural dialogue

November 28, 2016
Cyrille Peignot, Benoît Waquet and Ludovic Praud, three music lovers, founded start-up Bustle Music with one clear aim: to promote local talent by contributing to its financing and raising its profile.

Bustle Music is a fair music streaming platform that lets cybernauts explore the world by discovering repertoires and artists who are not always paid for their work, which is not always protected either.

Bustle Music geolocates artists and finances them according to the number of times their music is streamed. Its “Stream & Fund” system gives every artist an opportunity for exposure and allows cybernauts to satisfy their curiosity and listen to new music with an open mind.

The site is presented in the form of a map of the world on which any musician can geolocate their songs or compositions. The map helps music lovers satisfy their desire to discover new artists / works and help to remunerate their favourites.

The young founders of Bustle Music are launching a crowd funding campaign today, prior to putting the new version of the site online.

Cyril Bourreau, a jazz saxophonist in Toulouse, attests: “As a musician, I find that Bustle Music is a super way to share my music and ensure I get at least some income through the “Stream & Fund” system. I also really like the map that enables me to meet other musicians in my town and discover artists from all round the world”.

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The sound engineer training program held at the studio Moffou in Bamako

November 2, 2016

Preserving Malian musical heritage by restoring and safeguarding sound archives, such was the objective of the 12th session of the sound engineer training program. This training was part of annual professionalization program launched by Vivendi in 2006. It was held at Salif Keita’s studio, the Moffou Studio in Bamako.

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