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Human rights in today’s digital age: what is at stake for companies?

December 10, 2014

This was the topic of the special emission of Vivoice organized on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of The universal declaration of human rights. To discuss the subject, Vivendi invited representatives of the French High Court Conseil d’Etat, FIDH and UNICEF.

The digital age is a great opportunity for innovation and employment in every economic field but at the same time it raises more and more questions about human rights protection and individual liberty. Given the situation of digital boom how to rethink human rights? How private sector can adapt to this evolution?

Three figures debated on Vivoice : Laurent Cytermann, Master of Requests of the French Conseil d’Etat and co rapporteur of the study   “Digital technology and fundamental rights” ( September 2014); Geneviève Paul, Director of Globalisation and Human Rights desk at FIDH; Rémi Vallet Director of Corporate engagement at UNICEF France.

If digital tools broaden horizons of expression of freedom at the same time they undermine others, such as the right to privacy or the right of personal data protection. Laurent Cytermann introduced some of the 50 detailed proposals of the French Conseil d’Etat study to regulate digital technologies for the benefit of both individual rights and collective interests. Rémi Vallet, focused on the youth more particularly – as young people are the first digital users and this year marks the 25th anniversary date of The international convention on the rights of the child.

All these questions target companies more specifically when they must give account of the way they promote human rights in their influence sphere according to reference sources of non-financially reporting  such as Global Compact, Guiding principles of the rights of the child or the European directive on the publication of non financial information by some major companies. 

Listen to the Vivoice podcast (only in French) on "Human rights in today's digital age" with Laurent Cytermann (French Conseil d'Etat), Geneviève Paul (FIDH) and Rémi Vallet (UNICEF France):

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