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Chaillot Forum on the future of culture … Echoes on Culture(s) with Vivendi

April 3, 2014

A forum on the future of culture in Europe will be held in Paris on April 4 and 5, at the initiative of French Minister of Culture and Communication Aurélie Filippetti. The forum will bring together the European ministers of culture, professionals, artists and intellectuals from all backgrounds.

On the eve of the European Parliamentary elections and the appointment of a new EU Commission, the Chaillot Forum, sponsored by Vivendi, highlights the importance of culture and its essential role at the European level, with particular regard to the challenges of the digital revolution. The ambition is to lay down the foundations of a true European cultural agenda by mobilizing all people involved in this field.

Five roundtables will span wide-ranging points of view on four main issues (follow the Forum on @CulturesWith Twitter account) :

➜ Culture: a social and economic social asset for Europe
➜ Creating in Europe
➜ Europe, a new frontier for cultural democracy
➜ Regulation and funding of creation in the digital age

All these issues are echoed by numerous articles and quotes available on this website. Find them below. 

Culture: a social and economic social asset for Europe

The cultural sector represents millions of jobs and a contribution up to 4,5% to the European GDP. How does culture provide for the cohesion and development of our societies? In what ways could we ensure that cultural diversity is better valued as an economic asset within a globalised world?

Numerous studies, facts and figures demonstrate the linkages between culture, economy and social cohesion. The following quotes support this statement: Irina Bokova, Director-General of Unesco; Michel Serres, Académie Française member and science historian; Pascal Nègre, member of Universal Music Group Executive Board. You can also listen to director Radu Mihaileanu, musicians Mélissa Laveaux and Harouna Koulibaly and founder of Don't Believe the Hype agency, Virgine Berger, talking about cultural diversity on Vivendi's webradio Vivoice

Creating in Europe

The European artistic scene is one of the mainstays of the European project. Due to the creative support mechanisms and increased exchanges, this scene has experienced growth and change. It has also been constantly enriched by non-European contributions. How can we better encourage the circulation of artists and their works? Can we bring Europeans together around common cultural projects?

As “the cultural mixing has sped up with globalization” (Pascal Ory, historian), intercultural dialogue is a source of creativity. Evidence is provided by both artists (Riff Cohen, Salif Keita,Ballaké Sissoko et Vincent Segal, Ayo) and culture professionals (Bernard Foccroulle, Festival d’Aix Director-General, Christine Cauquelin, Head of documentaries at Canal+, Mark Johnson, Playing for Change founder...). You can also read our study about “Women in music and cinema in Europe” to find out more abour women in the European artistic scene.

Europe, a new frontier for cultural democracy

The Internet plays a key role in increasing cultural exchanges, but it also offers considerable potential for encouraging all citizens to talke part in cultural life and for spurring creativity, especially young people's one. How can we encourage youth access to art and culture? How can we get creators and cultural institutions better involved in the artistic education of young Europeans?

Some answers are provided by young people themselves : Marie Camier, co-founder of; blogger Octave Kitkowski; Pan-EU Youth ambassadors Tereza OndrackovaIva Miteva, Lubos PernisMatthew O'Driscall and Joao Pedro Martins; the young entrepreneurs interviewed by Vivoice on the issue of  “Creative internet : a tool for youth expression and employability.

Regulation and funding of creation in the digital age

The digital environment has changed the conditions for artistic creation and the distribution of work by shifting the value chain. How can Europe promote quality of content and cultural diversity ? How can we encourage a fair contribution to financing creation from the various economic actors?  How can we encourage new business models and meet public expectations while preserving the rights and remuneration of creators? 

These issues were discussed on Vivoice by Romain Bessi, Studiocanal's Executive Vice President, Strategy, Finance and Technical. You can also listen to No Format! Record label founder Laurent Bizot, economist Françoise Benhmou, producer Grégoire de Bailly and programmer Julie Hardouin discussing the funding of creation in the digital age.

Find out more:

Follow the Forum on livestream and on @CulturesWith Twitter account

Read the programme of the Chaillot Forum



By the numbers

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