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Matthijs Bakker

Finance director & procurement, Universal Music Group International

July 20, 2016

« To do my job, you first of all need to be very open minded as you need to learn from everybody and understand cultural differences » 

Matthijs Bakker is Finance director & procurement at Universal Music Group International headquarters in London. In this video interview, he talks about his career path and explains the outlines of his position. His tasks are multidisciplinary as they include CSR ( corporate social responsibility), management control and supply chain. As Universal Music Group has a global presence, he also highlights the importance of taking into account the national differences – notably in terms of copyright and rights of artists : “Not all countries have copyright collecting societies, some countries do some countries don’t”. 

Marguerite Abouet

January 13, 2017

“I was born in a country where verbal sparring comes naturally. I grew up with these dialogues.”


Géraldine Gendre

March 25, 2016

 “Within that line-up we try to have a balance among genres - animation, comedy, drama; logistics- big budget vs. small budget; plus the issue of talent- finding new talent or talent we want to work with again. It’s that coherence that needs to emerge out of our decisions with the production team”

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